Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I'm so sleepy right now! It feels like my whole body is one big tired ache! Can't wait to hit the sack tonight!
I had a busy day today, went to see my mom and I used some of my new fabric to make a little topper for my livingroom drapes.
The other day I was in Fabricland during their surprise 50% off sale and found a lovely cabbage rose fabric for $4 a meter! I was ecstatic! The clerk told me it was now on sale for $2 a meter! I said 'give me the whole bolt then!'. There ended up being 16 meters on the bolt! Who knew?
But it's okay! Before I was separated from Aaron he never let me have flowered patterns anywhere in the house! So now that it's just me I can go crazy!
I can cover my dining room chairs, make pillows for my bed and toppers for my windows in there too! Wow! It may take me forever but when I'm ready to do all that I'll have my fabric all prepared!

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