Thursday, September 8, 2011

Too Creative for Housework!

With my friend Denny's visit over, I had to make up for lost time, much housework and chores and my creative spirit has been smothered.  I resisted the urge to do extensive housework, not so hard, and unleashed my creativity!  It took off like a shot and I have been creating on my days off, before work, between work and even a little bit at work!  I finished two of the bears I have been commissioned to make:
Pepsi and Roxanne

And I worked on the sunflower painting I mentioned.  Actually I worked on it a lot, until I finished it!  Aaron came home from a visit to his brother in North Bay to find he now has to look at this painting every morning and night probably for a long long time!  It's on the wall directly opposite our bed!  And it's three feet by three feet.  Poor guy!  He just smiles and says, "It's very nice."
I was out in my garden this morning taking pictures of my flowers so I can have something to paint in the winter time.  I might try some hydrangeas next.  I love them!  I made a little cover for my latest sketch/journal/scrapbook in there too!  I like to decorate all of them with fabric and beads and such.  This latest one has a doodle on the front of it that I did when I was bored on the night shift.

This morning I relented and did housework for three hours!  Yucky!  I have to be careful with that though, my ribs are still smarting from the spill I took on my motorcycle.  I've only got back onto it once since then as I have to put ice packs on my ribs morning and night.  Sometimes when I lay straight on my back there is a sensation of something pulling apart inside.  It's quite painful and creepy too!  My poor son Daniel fell off his bike and scratched himself up a bit!  That would be a ten speed.  He is obsessed with bicycles.  He builds them from scratch and has all the fancy bike stretchy pants and stuff.  He's desperate to get a job in a bike shop.  I'm desperate for him and his step-brother Jonathan to move out of my house!  They're 21 and 22 and need to be moving on and find their own way!  It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to pick up after them!  Good grief Daniel is so lacking in motivation that when he was a kid he used to go to bed fully dressed for school the next day including his shoes and coat!  I would come in and pulled the covers down and there he would be ready to go so he could have more time to sleep in!  Just last week Aaron called me at work to ask me if I knew where Daniel was.  He was late for work and they were calling him and Aaron was calling him and Jonathan was calling him. No answer.   I even called his dad to see if he was with him!  Last anyone heard he had taken off for work on his bike and never shown up!  I started to panic.  Finally someone went to check his room, (my future guest room), and there he was in bed at 2 pm sleeping through the phone, his alarm, everything!  Brother!  Oh well, as long as he's happy!  He can be just as happy in his own place, can't he?
Last night I was trying on my leather jackets to make sure they still fit me for the fall and I thought to myself that they really need a new scarf, something special just for them.  I have some vintage pieces of rare silk velvet that are a little heavy for my smaller bears and not the greatest colour for them either that I have collected along the way.  So I laid the pieces out this morning and I'm going to try to make a scarf from them.  I'll take a pic if it turns out all right.  Velvet is notoriously hard to work with, especially made from silk.  It scooches all over the place when you're trying to cut and sew it!  Tonight Daniel and Aaron and I are going to Barrie for dinner and I think we'll take my car so that I just pull up to Fabricland to get some silk dupioni for a backing for my scarf to be and they won't be able to say anything about it!|  Ha ha!

Anyhow, two bears left for commissions, then my own special birthday bear, then finally I will be starting my bears for the online show!  Full speed ahead!

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