Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy! Busy!

I haven't checked in for a little while as I've been pretty busy with work and all.  It's one of those kind of busys where you don't seem to accomplish much, but then when I gave it some thought, yes I did actually!  And so what if I didn't anyway?  Relaxing is good too!  Like last night I went to Toronto with Aaron.  He had to go down for the night for work-related activities but I went along for fun.  Mom and I went shopping and out for dinner.  He dropped me off there.  Then she drove me over to the hotel.  It was still early and Aaron wasn't back from his meeting so I went for a walk and I found this immense Shopper's Drug Mart.  It had a specialized 'beauty boutique' that was filled with very expensive makeup and perfume products; top of the line!  I wandered in there for ages until Aaron started texting me wanting me to bring him some potato chips!  I wanted to buy a foundation by Dior that cost $48!  I had a little argument with myself for awhile about how I needed to look after myself and put myself first but alas, I couldn't do it.  Not this time!  The hotel was beautiful and we had a big suite with a massive bed!  Aaron had two tvs going at the same time!  What a guy!
I did get a painting done that was a commission of sorts, I'm not much for working under pressure and I get very resentful of deadlines but I managed to complete it in time.  It's a painting of a giant moth!

I don't think I've ever painted a moth with acrylics before.  I really enjoyed it!  And I finished my teddy bear commissions too!  I had to do a little boy bear!  I rarely make a boy.  He was a little sailor with a newspaper hat!  His name is Ethan!

I think he turned out rather well!  I haven't made a boy bear since last Christmas when I made one for myself!  Just because I don't make them too much doesn't mean I don't like them!  It's just that my girl bears are more popular!  Speaking of girl bears, I made a little girl for my online show in November!  It's the first one and I have to get cracking and make some more!  I can't offer any sneak peeks though because that would be a no no!   So you will just have to wait and see!  Aaron is flicking the lights in my office to get me moving!  Gotta go!  Out for wing night!
P.S.  My silk scarf did so NOT work out!  Sigh!  Back to the drawing board!

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