Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday 2011!

Well it has been quite awhile since I've blogged and now the holiday season is in full swing.  I've been pretty busy with the Teddies Worldwide bearshow as I suspected I would and didn't seem to have a moment to spare.  Everything suffered, especially my housework, (why does that always seem to be the first thing I let go of, haven't a clue) and it was with some relief that I sewed the last stitch on the last bear!  It was worth the thrill of having my little bears adopted one by one to go and live all over the world!  All 10 of them were adopted and now I have a little extra Christmas money!  Of course first thing I did was order new supplies of mohair to replenish my stock!  Here are the bears!  They are travelling around the world as I type this!
Fingers crossed that they arrive safe and sound!
So I saw another bear artist had purchased some antique mohair from England.  I was envious and so ordered a little piece myself for a treat!  It's bare in patches and just lovely! 
I'm going to make myself a teddy bear for my birthday coming up December 4!  I want to find some old flowers or fabric to use in dressing her so I might wander off to have a look for something this afternoon.  I have to make sure and have a nap later though because I'm on the night shift tonight.  I've cut the fabric into one of my patterns and hope to have it finished by my birthday in a week!  It's hard to say because I have to do my Christmas decorating this week too!  I have three trees but two are very small so it's okay, all of them pink!
From my teddy bear show I had an order for a bear and I was able to finish her over the weekend!  She'll soon be heading off to her new home!

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