Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

So most years I make myself a teddy bear around my birthday to add to my private collection.  It's usually a bear that has something different about it, that way I can follow where my bear-making has changed.  I started to make the bear from the antique mohair but changed my mind in the middle of it.  This year I made one of my whimsical bears as I don't actually own one of my own bears in this style.  I named this bear Suzie Q, not like the song, but just because it's a cute name:

 I've been quite busy, like everybody else, enjoying the holiday season.  So I think my bear making might be complete for this year.  Although there is still the antique mohair!  Hmmmm...I suppose I could squeeze one more in!


  1. Nice blog you have here! I should have went to bed, but after getting some work done, thought I would check out your site and see what we could do... surprisingly, after some analysis, I was surprised at the number of monthly searches done on some terms related to your teddy bears!

    I hope you won't mind some advice? :) I know what they say.. "the propensity to give advise is universal while the propensity to ignore it is equally universal" :)

    Did you squeeze one more in with the antique mohair?

  2. Thanks Ian! I'll take your advice under advisement! I'm actually working on the 'antique' one now. Someone adopted my birthday bear, I guess she needed her more than me, so I'll keep my antique bear instead!