Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another online show...

Well things were a little hectic over the holidays but I think I've regrouped and reorganized and it's all good!
I've just found out I've been accepted to the Teddy Bears online spring Teddy Bears Picnic show the weekend of March 22! So in order not to be overwhelmed, I'm going to start making bears asap as in now!
Just finishing up the Teddy I'm working on using the antique mohair I bought from England. I was recently inspired to complete a bear with it. He will be old-fashioned and wearing glasses!
My personal life is in somewhat of an upheaval and has cut into my creative life but I know things will settle down soon, what else is new?
Not to mention I've recently been rediagnosed with kidney stones, the kind that are too big to move along on their own so I have a bit of trepidation wondering if that's going to lay me up, I sure hope not!
I've had them before, and there were 3 operations in a month and a lot of pain and I'm not looking forward to a repeat! Seeing the specialist next week!
Onto brighter news; I made two bears so far in the new year, both adopted by a lovely longtime collector from the States!
(p.s. I was in Oakville last week and had a lovely visit with my son, Alex, and checked out his new digs!)

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