Monday, August 6, 2012

Beautiful places to live!

I have two girlfriends whom I am quite envious of, because they live surrounded by the stunning beauty of groomed nature in houses that they own. Since my separation I've become houseless again, (not homeless, I have a lovely big apartment, I could have rented a little house but don't want the stress of outside work), and I consider myself fortunate to have what I do. But gosh, when I see pictures like these; well, I have to admit to having a touch of the green-eyed monster!
The 'barn' is my friend, Lin's studio! The grounds of her land look like a magical fairy park. And she has two horses! But it's a lot of hard work!
Gladys lives on a beach, last week I was there kayaking, and sipping Bailey's on her docked boat until the sun went down! She does a lot of work too!
There's a picture here of part of her garden, and the sunset from her upper deck. Everyone gets to have that, thank goodness! One only needs to step outside wherever they are. :)

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