Saturday, August 4, 2012

Garage Sale find!

I was a bit late for work today. I had slowed down for a garage sale and spotted a beautiful area rug. My car seemed to take on a mind of it's own as it swerved to a stop at the curb! I jumped out to have a closer look. The rug was hand hooked wool and watched over by a tiny old woman. I said how much do you want for that gorgeous rug, forgetting I was supposed to not appear desperate to have it! How about 8 bucks? I said 'absolutely'! Then I realized I had no cash! I'll be right back! Going to the bank! She promised to watch it. This was 7 am but there were already a lot of garage sale hawks on the hunt! I committed about 9 trafficking violations on the way to and from the bank machine but my carpet is now safely in the back seat of my car! The garage sale goddess was good to me today. I was only five minutes late, after all!
I think my rug will look nice beside my bed!

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