Friday, August 12, 2011

Denny's Here!

I picked up my pal in Toronto a few days ago and we've been having a blast!  We've been trading clothes (she's tiny compared to me but we both wear lots of stretchy stuff, lol), listening to what's been going on in each other's lives, going shopping and to the movies (we saw The Help yesterday, it was fab), it's all good!
She's off visiting another friend today so I'm sneaking in a little bear-making time.  I'm working on three little bears for my website.  Here's a pic of the dress I was working on for one of the bears, her name is Poppy, and another pic of me sewing some little ribbons by her ear.  I told her, "Hold your breath, it will only hurt for a second!"

After these three bears, I'm going to have a little break for a bit and work on some of my other interests; like my art quilts and maybe do a bit of writing on a novel I hope to finish someday; it's a romantic comedy!  Who knows?  Can't succeed if you don't try!  
Then I'm going to be gearing up for the Teddies Worldwide Show in November!  Busy!  Busy!

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