Monday, August 8, 2011

Waiting for Denny!

Denny is one of my bestest pals!  She moved from Ontario to British Columbia a few years ago to get a specialized degree in social work.  Did I mention I have a 'regular' job?  I'm a social worker.  Anyhow, Denny is coming to visit me tomorrow for almost two weeks!  We'll have lots of fun like we always do!  We're planning to see the movie, 'The Help', it's coming out while she's going to be here.
In the meantime I'm tidying my house,  a little dusting here, a little sweeping there!  Hopefully I will be able to sneak in a little teddy bear working time as I'm taking a little holiday from work!  I'm going down to Toronto to pick up Denny tomorrow!  (First I'll stop by my mom's for some meatloaf.  She doesn't actually cook the meatloaf!  We get it at The Pickle Barrel!  Yummy!)
Exciting news!  I've been accepted to show in the Teddies Worldwide Christmas Treasures Show from November 18-20, 2011!  It's a juried show and this is the second time I've been invited!  I'm very honoured!  My goal is to have the maximum amount of bears made for adoption by each artist!  That's 10!  Whew!  I'll be busy for sure.  Check it out!  There will be 75 artists from around the world!  Lots to see! (It's funny thinking about Christmas when it's 90 degrees out!)

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